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SYNLAB Pharma offers a comprehensive range of laboratory services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as manufacturers of cosmetics, medical devices, design food and crop protection products.

Our customers benefit from our broad portfolio of analytical methods for clinical and preclinical studies and our global logistics network. All services are monitored to the highest applicable standards, and GMP, GLP, GCLP and/or GCP are applied depending on the task at hand. Take advantage of our extensive experience from more than 2500 clinical studies and projects.

More than 20 years of analytical experience speak for themselves!

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Anstelle von Kundengeschenken haben wir dieses Jahr die Kinder- und Jugendinitiative Plant-for-the-Planet mit einer großzügigen Spende bedacht. Angefangen hat alles mit einem Schulreferat – heute ist Plant-for-the-Planet eine globale Bewegung mit einem großen Ziel: auf der ganzen Welt Bäume pflanzen, um die Klimakrise zu bekämpfen. Wir wollen mit unserer Spende dieses…

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SYNLAB Pharma, a subsidiary of SYNLAB Holding Deutschland GmbH announces that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Biotype with the intention to offer a Europe-wide clinical trial service for MSI and POLE/POLD1 mutation detection to indicate if patients harboring from GI cancer or EC would benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy. The tests will be performed…

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