Fuel analysis

Incorrect or non-standard fuel is often the reason why a vehicle has broken down. Blocked injectors, defective fuel pumps or poor performance may indicate that the fuel does not meet the required quality specifications

SYNLAB Products allows you to monitor the condition of your fuel systems.

  • cetane index
  • Filterability limit or Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)
  • Cloud Point and Pour Point
  • copper corrosion
  • flash point
  • sulphur content
  • viscosity
  • water content
  • We support our customers in choosing the right fuel to avoid mistakes.
  • Main focus is the identification of problems in fuel quality, fuel system failures.
  • We are also happy to help you with warranty questions and claims.

The SYNLAB Products program tests all types of fuel systems including diesel, biofuel and marine fuels such as MGO and HFO to the following fuel standards:

  • EN 590 Automotive fuels - Diesel fuel - Requirements and test methods
  • BS2869 Fuel oil for agricultural, domestic and industrial engines and boilers.
  • ISO 8217 Quality specifications for marine bunker fuels.
  • EN14214 Minimum requirements for biodiesel

We analyse:

Quality control is necessary for AdBlue because contamination can damage the exhaust aftertreatment system, which could lead to illegal NOx emissions.

SYNLAB Products therefore tests whether it meets the requirements of ISO 22241-2 and DIN V70070.

Test scope ASTM D5185 (standard & full):

  • Contamination (mg/kg)
  • Corrosion (mg/kg)
  • Appearance

Lubricant analysis

  • Verification of the correct viscosity class
  • Extension of oil service life - Reduction of lubricant and waste costs
  • Machine condition monitoring and technical consulting help you to improve the quality of your maintenance and repair decisions.
  • Independent analysis in the event of a warranty claim with determination of the cause of the damage
  • SYNLAB's analyses exceed standard classifications for alternative test specifications

Bunker fuels

  • Results within 24 hours for the analysis of bunker fuel samples in order to keep the waiting times in the harbour as short as possible.
  • Technical advice on fuels that do not comply with standards
  • Elimination of Cat Fines

Oily, water based systems

  • Gives you additional security when proving that the service water of the respective ship complies with local and international guidelines.

Cooling system

  • To ensure a functioning corrosion protection of your engine and the performance characteristics of the coolant.

We perform comprehensive (Bio-)Diesel analysis according to the following minimum requirements:

  • DIN EN 14124 - Biodiesel
  • DIN EN 590 - Diesel fuel

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