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Quality control - At the end of a long process the best product should prevail.

Many different processes are necessary before the finished product is loaded and transported to the customer in the chemical and processing industry. The most important is, of course, production. An almost equally important process is continuous quality control. This usually begins with the inspection of the delivered raw materials and ends with the release of the finished end product. But it also plays a role during production, for example the course of chemical reactions is continuously monitored.  The basis for this are analytical methods with which compliance with specified specifications is checked.

At SYNLAB Products you will meet experts who have mastered and regularly apply these analytical methods. Whether incoming goods inspection, batch release or in-process control. We analyse for you whether the quality is right or whether the reaction is going as desired.

Our laboratory, accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025, which is located in the middle of the Chemical Park Knapsack in Hürth, accommodates a multitude of analytical devices and methods, as well as more than 40 highly qualified employees, who are familiar with it and know how to interpret results. Every day, our analyses help many German and international companies to evaluate their reactions, raw materials, products and processes.

We are also there for you in the event of damages and claims. Is your product contaminated? You find an unknown substance during the inspection of your plants? We analyse for you what it is.

We look forward to receiving your individual enquiries and are happy to contribute to your success!

We support you:

At the end of a long production process, the quality of the finished product must be checked before it is transported to the customer (release analysis). This usually requires extensive analyses. These analyses cannot always be carried out on site. It is often more effective and cheaper to commission external experts to do this.

The SYNLAB Products team at the Knapsack Chemical Park in Hürth is one of these experts. Surrounded by internationally active producers, whom we have supported for decades in quality control and batch release of their products, we have built up a great amount of experience

We do not limit ourselves to just a few analytical methods, but use a variety of methods and analytical equipment. And even the analysis of complex matrices is no problem for us.  

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Unexpected particles in a raw material? Deposits in a the production cycle? Unknown substances? Contaminations in a product? 

In these and other cases, we will be happy to support you with our analyses and clarify the identity of unknown substances / materials or impurities so that you can get one step closer to their origin.

For example, we can examine the smallest particles using a scanning electron microscope with EDX detector or an ATR infrared microscope. Larger sample quantities are first analysed using semiquantitative X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and, if necessary, CHN and carbonate analysis. More detailed analyses then follow, depending on the substance class (organic or inorganic).

Today, chemical semi finished and base products as well as raw materials are produced and shipped all over the world. The quality and purity of these substances often differ depending on the manufacturer or even the batch. However, for a chemical or manufacturing company or a chemical distributor, it is extremely important that quality and purity comply with the specifications promised by the manufacturer.

We carry out independent analyses for many companies in Germany and Europe and tell them whether the quality is right. It is irrelevant to us whether we support you in your daily routine or, in individual cases, check manufacturer information or our own analyses.

We are happy to support you with our many years of experience with various matrices and our wide range of analyses

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