Process analytics

Investigations in power plant circuits / water, flue gas desulphurization

In thermal power plants, combined heat and power plants and heat transfer stations, large quantities of water are used to transform the various forms of energy and for cooling. A large part of the water used there is circulated. In order to keep their chemical and physical properties within the normal range, continuous control investigations are necessary during the process. The main focus here is on the water-steam cycle and the water treatment plants. In addition to these, however, cooling circuits or the process flows of flue gas desulphurisation must also be investigated. Flue gas cleaning processes for the removal of sulphur compounds are used to clean the exhaust gases from thermal power plants. In these flue gas desulphurisation plants, the SO2- and SO3-gases produced during combustion are washed out of the flue gas and removed from the process as gypsum.

Our customers include operators of large-scale power plants, combined heat and power plants, engineering service providers (within the scope of commissioning) as well as plant constructors and research facilities in Germany and abroad.

  • Determination of classic water parameters (pH value, electrical conductivity, acid and base capacities, suspended or filterable substances, etc.) 
  • Determination of the concentration of
    • anions by IC or photometric methods or ISE
    • cations
    • Sum and group parameters
  • Grain size distributions (laser diffraction) as product control for gypsum
  • Product control gypsum (purity, water content, degree of whiteness, determination of secondary components) 
  • ​Digestion Techniques
    • Total Digestion (HF)
    • Aqua Regia Digestion 
    • Microwave Digestion 
    • Digestion by Bomb Calorimeter / Calorific Value by Bomb Calorimeter
    • Digestion by Tube Furnace
    • Melt Digestion
  • Investigation of solids, suspensions, deposits
  • Analytical chemical support for the optimization of operating modes
  • Acceptance measurements during commissioning
  • Cooperation partners of engineering service providers in the field of plant design / optimization consulting
  • Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 1702

We analyse:

We examine according to recognised VGB guidelines:

  • Raw and pure condensates
  • waters
  • steam
  • reheater water etc.

We are specialized in the investigation of input materials and consumables in power plant operation.

These include:

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Means for water treatment
  • Precipitation and flocculation aids
  • Solids for flue gas desulphurisation, etc.

In addition to the analysis of ultrapure water, our core competencies also include the analysis of process water and waste water in power plant operation.

We also investigate process waters, suspensions and the auxiliaries used for the continuous control of processes in flue gas desulphurisation.

A by-product of electricity generation in thermal power plants is so-called FGD gypsum. We carry out product inspections both as outgoing goods of a power plant and as incoming goods of the building materials industry.

We analyse:

  • Wet and dry ashes
  • fluidized bed bags
  • coverings
  • cinders
  • E-filter ash (with regard to further use in the building materials industry)


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