X-ray fluorescence analysis

Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (WD-RFA / WDX) is a fast method in which the content of elements from sodium (OZ 11) to uranium (OZ 92) in a sample can be determined quantitatively (with and without standard).

Not only solid samples (powders, pellets or melts) can be analyzed under vacuum, but also liquids under helium, non-destructively:

The overview analysis in the range from 0.01 % to 100 % allows the quick and easy determination of the element composition of a sample without the need for calibration. It is a useful method for the analysis of unknown samples (e.g. metal alloys, oxide mixtures, deposits, residues).

In routine quantitative analysis, the XRF system is calibrated with known standards for certain elements of a matrix. Subsequently, samples of this matrix can be analyzed with high accuracy and precision. The high-resolution method makes it possible to determine levels from the mg/kg range to the % range. It is ideal for routine quality control as it offers a short analysis time and good repeatable results.

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