Matrices / System

SYNLAB Products analytical laboratories can analyse a wide range of matrices. Here is a brief overview of our various sub-areas:

Analytics for the chemical and processing industry

In addition to any organic and inorganic liquids or solids in pure form, mixtures, solutions, suspensions or emulsions, we also analyze plastics, metals or gases. Due to our many years of experience, we are not afraid of reactive substances and hazardous substances.

Some examples for clarification:

  • Active ingredients and additives as pure substances (solid or liquid)
  • Mixtures and formulations in various variations: aqueous, in solvents, incorporated in polymer matrix (masterbatches)
  • Intermediate products and auxiliary materials of the chemical industry, including reactive components such as phosphorus chlorides
  • solvents
  • synthetic materials
  • Gases (supplied in glass gas mouse, steel bomb or polyback; we can also supply vessels)
  • Metals as powders or components for material analysis
  • Components and finished products for final quality control
  • and much more...

Analytics for energy / power producers:

  • plaster
  • wood
  • coal
  • alternative fuels
  • Waste, liquid fuels
  • ash
  • Process, custom, ultrapure and waste water,
  • Coolant,
  • and much more

Oil and fuel analysis:

  • Insulating, lubricating, & hydraulic oils,
  • AdBlue
  • Marine fuels
  • (Bio-)Diesel
  • Heat transfer oil
  • Fuel oils
  • Greases
  • Engine oils

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