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SYNLAB Products offers the three most important methods of "Instrumental Elemental Analysis" - AAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS. After appropriate digestion, metals and semi-metals in particular, but also sulfur, phosphorus or iodine, can be identified and quantitatively analyzed in a wide variety of matrices. The contents can range from the percentage range to the ultra trace range.

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This method is used in particular for defined questions which are based on special regulations / standards. Especially for the determination of alkali elements (e.g. sodium and potassium) or mercury in ultra traces, there is no better alternative. In addition to the classical flame technology AAS, we also offer the graphite tube, hydride and cold steam technology (FIMS-AAS).

The method enables the simultaneous determination of many elements from acidified, aqueous solutions and after digestion of solid samples. Due to its flexibility and its very large working range (µg/L - g/L), ICP-OES is one of the workhorses in instrumental elemental analysis.

This technique is characterized in particular by extremely low detection limits for ultratrace analysis. Due to the very short measurement times of the charge mass ratios, a fast sequential overview analysis of more than 80 elements is also possible.

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