There are several different types of chromatography. They all have in common that a sample / a mixture of substances is separated into its constituents by means of a separation column and these are then quantified and/or identified.

SYNLAB Products can offer you various chromatographic methods:

Samples or parts of the sample are vaporized (sample introduction). Non-vaporizable parts are left behind and are not analyzed. We have different sample feeding techniques available: Split / Splitless, PTV, Headspace, SPME, Thermodesorption or Pyrolysis. After separation the components of the sample can be quantified by FID, WLD & ECD and identified by MS.

The substance mixture to be analysed is dissolved in a solvent and then separated. The following detectors are available for quantifying the individual components: UV, DAD, FLD +RID. In addition, we can also offer identification by mass spectrometry through internal cooperation.

Here, inorganic and organic ion mixtures soluble in water are separated and subsequently identified and quantified. Both cations and anions can be analyzed.

We can offer different separation columns and elution methods (isocratic, gradient) for all chromatographic methods. We are also happy to work with a column specified by you.

  • Analysis of gases
  • Room air measurements (workplace measurements)
  • Identification of unknown samples / sample components
  • Pyrolysis / Thermodesorption

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