Data Integration

The test results from all labs worldwide can be imported into our study software iLAB to generate one single comprehensive database. Customizable data transfer formats and CDISK compatibility ensure a swift and smooth transfer of laboratory data into the study database. Queries for missing or inconsistent patient and/or visit data are automatically generated and dispatched via e-mail or fax, ensuring a clean database.

Our Services:

  • Network based on dedicated professional laboratories.
  • Test results based on comparable methods. 
  • Integrated in our global database iLAB.
  • Electronic data transfer of cleaned data.
  • Customizable data transfer formats.
  • CDISK compatibility.
  • Secure online access to lab data.
  • Global quality assurance.
  • SOPs reflect the requirements of all required quality standards.
  • Automatically generated.
  • Smooth communication.
  • Continuously cleaned data base.

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