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Overview of detectable plant protection agents

Designed to prevent pest infestation and to secure crop yield, chemical plant protection agents are integral parts of modern agriculture. But residues may remain on the products even if the plant protection agents are handled in a controlled and proper manner.

SYNLAB Service

  • Screening method for residue from over 600 different plant protection agents using GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS
  • Mono-analysis for specific plant protection agents not covered by the screening.
  • Satisfaction of all requirements under the Feed Regulation (FuttMV) and the Regulation on Maximum Residue Levels (RHmV)
  • Evaluation of the findings according to retailer specifications and statutory provisions
  • Monitoring of your products according to the BNN e.V. guidelines (Federal Association of Organic Foods and Natural Products)
  • Database entries for the QA system, fruit monitoring, GMP+, FreshPoint
  • Consultation on the product-specific analysis scope
  • Field studies following preliminary investigation or damage claims

We regularly participate in inter-laboratory studies to maintain our high quality standards (e.g. QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH, FAPAS, BIPEA).

Food GmbH offers analyses for the following substances and substance groups in order to monitor these residues:

Parameter Meaning Recommendation
Plant protection agent multi-method Screening for over 600 active substances and metabolites Suitable for all agricultural products intended for retail
Chlormequat, mepiquat Application largely as growth regulators (stalk shorteners) in cereal farming Cereals and cereal products, some root vegetables, cultivated mushrooms
Dithiocarbamate Application mainly as contact fungicides in agriculture Pomes
Total bromide Residue following the use of fumigants with bromide contents Leaf vegetables in greenhouses
Glyphosate, AMPA Total herbicide and its primary metabolite AMPA Cereal and cereal products, ground water, various pulses (soy, lentils
Maleic hydrazide Sprout inhibitors during storage Potatoes and onions
Ethephon Ripening agents in the production of many types of fruit and vegetable Tomatoes, pepper, pineapple
Organotin compounds Various compounds with fungicide or acaricide effects Citrus fruit
Fosetyl, phosphonic acid Fungicide Viniculture, lettuce, cucumber, hops, strawberries

Analysis of individual active substances or plant protection agent classes

The analysis of individual active substances or plant protection agent classes is also possible:

  • chlorine insecticides
  • triazines (herbicides)
  • phenylurea (herbicides)
  • sulphonylurea (herbicides)
  • phenoxycarbonic acids (herbicides)
  • organophosphate compounds (nematicides)
  • pyrethroids (insecticides)

Service Plus

We also offer the analysis of disinfectants such as benzalkonium chloride (BAC), didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC), perchlorate and chlorate.

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