Sampling and logistics

The sampling and transport of test material are already essential components of the analysis and can significantly influence the result.

Incorrect sampling can lead to contamination of the sample material and thus to "unwanted" germ growth. Too long transport or transport at unsuitable temperatures can also strongly influence the growth of germs. Warm temperatures promote growth even before the actual start of incubation, in the worst case the samples can no longer be evaluated. If temperatures are too low (possibly even frozen), too low germ counts can be incorrectly assumed. Depending on the matrix examined, the desired parameters and the specifications in the respective standards, sampling and transport must take place under different conditions.

Our services:

  • Germany-wide sampling of drinking and bathing water by our certified samplers including the determination of the on-site parameters, the control of the environmental conditions on site and the documentation of all important points for sampling
  • Sampling for further hygiene-relevant tests on reques
  • Sampling for examination of the endoscope preparation according to the specifications of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen incl. documentation
  • Fast and cooled transport of the samples to our laboratory by our samplers, our transport service or a suitable transport company

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