Product and production hygiene

For many products, special hygienic requirements apply both to the production and to the end product.

Manufacturers are responsible for compliance with these requirements. Depending on their use, many medical devices and pharmaceuticals have to be low-germ or sterile and produced under clean room conditions. The same therefore applies to all types of packaging for sterile goods. If products are sterilised only after manufacture, these processes must also be completely monitored.

However, hygienic conditions must not only be created in the medical device sector; germ contamination also plays an important role in the production and packaging of food. We check your manufacturing processes by means of in-process controls, surface and hand controls, checking the ventilation systems and validating your sterilisation and disinfection equipment. We can test the end products for both bioburden and sterility. Every product is different: Thanks to our extensive portfolio, we will also find the best solution for your production and your products!

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