Medical Hygiene

In the field of medical hygiene, the focus is on avoiding nosocomial infections and the transmission of germs in general. The consistent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and hands close to the patient is already a central step, as studies ascribe great transmission potential to hands.

Equally important, of course, is the use of hygienic instruments and equipment for any type of treatment or intervention. Not only must the products themselves be checked for cleanliness, but regular performance tests and validations of the preparationprocesses and cleaning equipment must also be carried out.

Numerous standards and guidelines must be observed in this area.

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SYNLAB supports and advises you on compliance with hygiene standards and carries out all necessary tests in accordance with the relevant standards.

From surface controls in hospitals, canteen kitchens, doctors' practices, pharmacies, etc. to validations and controls of reprocessing processes and the inspection of ventilation systems in operating theatres and clean rooms as well as in practices and offices, we offer everything from a single source.

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