Air hygiene

An adult person breathes about 12 times a minute half a litre of air each, and consequently about 10,000 litres of air flow through the lungs each day.

In addition to oxygen, which is so important for us, air can also carry microorganisms, chemical pollutants and particles. This is not only a problem when inhaling, also in supposedly sterile environments the quality of the air (from the ventilation systems) is decisive. For example, a number of strict limits must be adhered to in operating theatres or in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals in order to avoid infections and contamination.

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At SYNLAB we test the air indoors for microorganisms and chemical pollutants, as well as complete ventilation systems in health care facilities according to DIN 1946, in clean rooms according to DIN EN ISO 14644 and carry out hygiene inspections according to VDI 6022. 


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