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Our portfolio ranges from air hygiene through water and product hygiene to medical hygiene. We carry out all relevant microbiological tests on the various matrices in accordance with the relevant standards. Air hygiene primarily includes the analysis of room air as well as the examination of ventilation systems, e.g. in offices, operating theatres or clean rooms and pharmacies.

In the field of water analysis, the requirements are very different depending on how the water is used. We test drinking and bathing water according to the relevant standards and carry out reliable legionellaanalyses. But also for special investigations for process water and cooling plants, pure and ultrapure water, water for the production of pharmaceuticals and medical products, water-bearing devices (dialyses, ENT units, etc.) and much more, you have come to the right place.

Product hygiene focuses on the examination of the finished product for bacterial contamination as well as controls during production. For example, we test drugs and medical devices for sterility, determine the bioburden and carry out all necessary environmental controls during production. Medical hygiene is a particularly extensive field. This includes, among other things, the validation of cleaning and disinfection equipment as well as sterilization devices, the inspection of the reprocessing of medical devices, the inspection of ventilation systems, cleaning and disinfection controls, environmental inspections and special inspections of, for example, dialysis equipment and endoscopes.

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