We would be pleased to assist you with our expertise even before the actual laboratory analysis.

Learn everything you need to know in our training courses about the correct sampling of drinking and bathing water or the technical, scientific and legal basics for the hygienic operation of evaporative cooling systems. Comprehensibly structured and presented by practical experts.

On site, our specialists carry out validations for devices in the medical sector, inspections of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in accordance with VDI 6022 and risk assessment in accordance with VDI 2047 or the 42nd BImschV and answer your questions on the hygienic operation of your system.

Our partner BZH, the German Advisory Centre for Hygiene, offers energetic support for all hygienic-medical questions.

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 Modernste Hygienediagnostik

Hygiene ist nicht nur eine gesetzliche Auflage, sondern aktive Patientenfürsorge und liegt im ureigenen Interesse aller Verantwortlichen.