Private households

Private individuals can also benefit from our expertise: If you own a small private sewage treatment plant or if your drinking water is obtained from a private well, you must have the water checked at regular intervals, for your own safety but also in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance.

If you suffer from frequent illnesses or allergies or if you already have a well-founded suspicion, e.g. black coverings, it may be worthwhile to have the air in your living rooms checked for microorganisms and chemical pollutants (e.g. from floor coverings, wallpaper or furniture). If air conditioning systems are not in perfect hygienic condition, they can also be a cause of high microbiological contamination of the air.

With the help of environmental investigations almost all surfaces (e.g. also walls with suspicion also mold infestation) can be examined for their germ load and found bacteria and molds can be differentiated if desired up to the kind.

We will be happy to check your drinking water, the indoor air and surfaces in your living rooms and your ventilation systems to the extent suitable for you.

We are there for you, for a healthy, safe and hygienic home!

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