Pharmacies are obliged to maintain the microbiological quality of non-sterile products and herbal medicinal products in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia when manufacturing medicinal products. This requires consistent hygiene management with standardised self-monitoring, which not only ensures the microbiological status of the product but also employee protection. All potential sources of microbiological contamination and transmission pathways should be addressed. These sources can be the cleaning of surfaces, floors and tables, but also the hands of employees carry a certain risk. For the aseptic production of cytostatic preparations or nutritional solutions, additional suitable rooms and ventilation systems are required, which must be checked regularly. Due to the often small quantities and high costs of these products, in-process controls and manufacturing simulations are advantageous and recognized for quality assurance. We help you to implement your hygiene plan by carrying out independent tests specifically for the requirements of pharmacies. We check your sterile and non-sterile products, the ventilation systems according to DIN EN ISO 14644 and analyse any environmental tests. We also test your in-process controls and manufacturing simulations for bacterial growth. Upon request, all germs found can be differentiated and their resistance determined.

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