Depending on the type of your company, we offer extensive research to support you in the best possible way in the implementation of all legal requirements.

We check the quality of the indoor air e.g. in offices and buildings, the ventilation systems according to the relevant standards, carry out environmental tests of all surfaces and objects as well as the complete water analysis including the testing of drinking water, drinking water installations, drinking water dispensers, bathing water (e.g. in indoor pools or spas, natural swimming ponds), water for the production of medical products and water from cooling water systems.

We also examine surface water and liquids for the presence of multi-resistant germs. We validate your sterilizers, cleaning and disinfection equipment and check the hygienic preparation of products and medical devices (e.g. also for tattoo studios, cosmetic studios etc.).

Talk to us to find the right examination scope for you and to ensure the highest level of safety for your employees, customers and patients.

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