Community bodies and service providers

As a service provider or person responsible for a community facility, you ensure that your facility or service does not pose a risk to the health of others.

Health hazards can have various causes and often arise where they are not suspected, because hygiene deficiencies and contamination with microorganisms are usually not recognizable at first glance. This makes it all the more important to confirm the harmlessness or to detect possible procedural errors at an early stage by means of regular (self-) checks and independent inspections.

Due to the multitude of guidelines, it is often difficult to fulfil all legal requirements, so community facilities usually fall under the obligation to examine for Legionella and must test the drinking water as well as the drinking water installation.Bath water, e.g. from therapy pools, pools or the like, must also be tested. Commercial kitchens are subject to particularly strict requirements, from the food used to hygiene in the kitchen to the control of the dishwashers, everything is laid down in binding standards. Cleaning service providers and laundries have to prove the effectiveness of their disinfecting cleaning and much more.

SYNLAB helps you to keep the overview and carries out all these tests independently and reliably.

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