Depending on the industry, the investigations are based on different requirements and guidelines.

The selection of the appropriate method, which starts with the sampling, is based on a thorough knowledge of your needs. Depending on the range, the limit values for a parameter can also vary greatly. We offer extensive tests for pharmacies, medical facilities, community facilities and service providers as well as companies. But also as a private person you are right with us.

As an all-in-one service provider, we offer you all the necessary tests from the basement to the roof to cover the relevant standards. This includes drinking and bathing water analysis, analysis of process water, testing of ventilation systems and indoor air, testing for sterility and bio burdens, environmental testing, manufacturing simulations, testing of canteen kitchens, cleaning and disinfection controls, validations, testing of the preparation of medical products, testing of cleaning and disinfection equipment and much more. Individually tailored to your requirements, the scope of the respective examination is determined together with you.

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 Modernste Hygienediagnostik

Hygiene ist nicht nur eine gesetzliche Auflage, sondern aktive Patientenfürsorge und liegt im ureigenen Interesse aller Verantwortlichen.