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Accreditation, Certificates, Approvals

Our laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The regular audits of the accreditation body, in addition to our internal audits within the framework of the existing quality management system, ensure the high quality of our testing services.

Qualifications and approvals

  • Approval of the microbiological laboratory within the meaning of Directive 90/539 EEC and Regulation (EC) No 2160/2003
  • Permission to work with pathogens according to § 44 Infektionsschutzgesetz (Infection Protection Act)
  • Independent private experts for the examination and assessment of samples of foodstuffs officially left behind according to § 43 LFGB (individual employees)
  • Publicly appointed and sworn experts for microbiology and food chemistry
  • Member of VLOG (Verein für Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik) and test laboratory for the label "Ohne Gentechnik" according to the VLOG specifications.

Especially for the food industry

  • QS-approved laboratory for QS residue monitoring of fruit, vegetables and potatoes
  • accredited laboratory for the evaluation of organic products (BNN, Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e. V.) 
  • Approval for fruit monitoring for testing pesticides in fruit and vegetables
  • sensory experts for meat products (DLG)
  • FACE (Federación de Asociaciones de Celiacos de España) authorized laboratory for gluten testing

Especially for the animal feed sector

  • QS-approved laboratory for QS feed monitoring
  • approved inspection body for GMP+
  • Approved examination body for PASTUS+
  • Approved samplers for drinking water as part of the Animal Welfare Initiative
  • Test laboratory for KAT analyses

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