Feed and animal nutrition

Feedstuffs play a central role in the agricultural economy. In Germany, a large part of primary plant production is used directly (green fodder and tinned green fodder) or after processing (e.g. cereals, rapeseed extraction meal as a compound feed component) for the targeted supply of livestock with nutrients and energy.

Performance-oriented and environmentally compatible animal nutrition requires the optimum use of existing feed. Detailed knowledge of the ingredients and quality characteristics of animal feed is just as essential as knowledge of the nutritional and physiological processes in animals in order to ensure that the animals are provided with the right nutrition.

Another important aspect is the supply of hygienically safe drinking water. For the "Animal Welfare Initiative", this point is therefore of particular importance. Our employees are listed as samplers for drinking water as part of the "Animal Welfare Initiative". The results of the laboratory analyses are carried out according to this standard and according to the orientation framework for the legal assessment of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. 

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