Quality-assured laboratory analyses for food and feed

SYNLAB Food works for you both regionally and internationally. Our customers benefit from a broad spectrum of analysis of feed, food, water and veterinary samples. All analyzes are carried out according to modern and quality-assured methods.

We address the specific needs of each sample. As a result, you will receive on schedule a test report that:

  • contains all important and useful information,
  • factual accurate,
  • clear and understandable.

Sometimes current events require rapid intervention. Results must then be available quickly. Even in these cases, our laboratories are set. We deliver fast results with consistently high quality.

Further information on investigations in the various products and raw materials can be found here:

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[DE] Übersicht über alle Untersuchungs- und Beratungsleistungen in allen Bereichen der Lebensmittelproduktion