Oil analysis

Investigations of lubricating and insulating oils

All systems in which rotating or other moving parts are installed friction occurs. Lubricating oils or other lubricants are used to reduce friction, noise and above all wear. The lubricants are also used to dissipate excess heat to prevent overheating and associated damage.

The condition of the oil filling is decisive for the operational reliability of transformers etc.. Oils based on mineral oil are often used here as insulating and cooling agents. These are regularly tested for different types of load.

Our customers are energy supply companies (operators of onshore, nearshore and offshore customers of large wind park operators) as well as network operators and engineering companies who project, commission and maintain transformers.

Insulating oil

  • Investigation of insulating oils for characterization of material properties 
  • Color, water content, neutralization number, surface tension, breakdown voltage, dielectric loss factor (tangent delta) FT infrared spectroscopy (determination of inhibitors), gas chromatographic analysis for PCB and DBDS determination
  • Gas-in-oil analyses for the characterisation of dissolved gases and their evaluation 
  • Typical patterns of the resulting gases and their interrelationships can be derived from the various types of loading.
  • We have the necessary know-how of classical gas extraction using vacuum technology as well as the EGS process.
  • Evaluation according to DIN EN 60599 and VDE 0370 Part 7
  • if required: History comparison and recommendations according to standard

Lubricating oil

  • Investigation of lubricating oils for characterization of material properties 
  • Density, viscosity according to STABINGER and using UBBELOHDE capillaries, acid number, foam behaviour, air separation capacity, water separation capacity, total pollution, element contents in oils, water content according to KARL FISCHER, FT infrared spectroscopy (inhibitor determination), particle counting & purity classes, visual assessment of oil samples, colour number, electrical conductivity, flash point determination, determination of cold properties and MPC (varnish)
  • Investigation of oil deposits and impurities / solid particles
  • incoming goods inspection
  • Cooperation partners of engineering service providers in the on-site recycling of oils
  • Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 1702

We analyse:

  • We examine various insulating oils of transformers independently of the manufacturer.
  • We examine a wide variety of lubricating oils for their degree of impurities, compliance with specifications and other issues.
  • We examine hydraulic oils for you for their general usability, foreign components and much more. Talk to us!
  • We examine light to heavy heating oils for the parameters required for your incoming goods inspection and technical application.
  • The investigation of diesel is also part of our portfolio. We investigate the usability of your diesel stock in winter as well as heating parameters, water content, etc.

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